Flats for birthday party in Moscow from 10 guests

Designer loft apartment on Aviamotornaya
Moscow, Aviamotornaya (16min.)
70 m2
40 guests
Нет оценок
from  2 500,00 /hour
Квартира в стиле минимализм
Moscow, Avtozavodskaya (21min.)
75 m2
15 guests
Нет оценок
from  10 000,00 /hour
Современные апартаменты на 50-ом этаже
Moscow, Business center
220 m2
40 guests
Нет оценок
from  15 000,00 /hour
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You can't make noise in a flat late at night, and restrictions may also apply during the day, so don't forget to check these details.

Is there a place you dream of living? Somewhere perfect in every way? Why not find a place that fits this description on SpeedRent and book it for your birthday! Put on a real party for yourself and your guests.