Lofts for party in Samara

Яркий лофт для различных событий
Samara, Alabinskaya (29min.)
60 m2
20 guests
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from  1 990,00 /hour
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A loft is a very handy kind of space, with practically no restrictions attached. Typically, these spaces are free of furniture, so you can bring your own and set it out as you please. As a rule, lofts have high ceilings which measure at least 4 metres. Many of these venues are located in industrial zones, on the premises of former factories and warehouses. This should mean that you are free to play loud music and dance.

Some of the most popular questions asked when organizing a party include whether alcohol is permitted, whether it's alright to make noise and until what time, where smoking is allowed, and whether there's anywhere to park. You can find answers to these questions on the profile of every venue in our catalogue. You can also search for venues using these parameters (with the filters above).