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Lofts for training in Moscow near Tulskaya metro station


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(8 min.)
Moscow, Tulskaya
Арт-площадка на Тульской
80 m2
30 guests
from  1 000,00 /hour
2  reviews
(11 min.)
Moscow, Nagatinskaya
Светлый лофт с верандой для образовательных мероприятий
130 m2
100 guests
from  2 000,00 /hour
No reviews
(11 min.)
Moscow, Shabolovskaya
Зал для лекций, тренингов, мастер-классов, переговоров
64 m2
50 guests
from  3 500,00 /hour
No reviews
(9 min.)
Moscow, Shabolovskaya
Переговорная комната с панорамным остеклением
12 m2
6 guests
from  1 500,00 /hour
No reviews
(17 min.)
Moscow, Tulskaya
Светлое помещение с оборудование для кройки и шитья
105 m2
24 guests
from  5 000,00 /hour
No reviews
(10 min.)
Moscow, Nagatinskaya
Просторный лофт с раритетным автомобилем
630 m2
600 guests
from  9 000,00 /hour
No reviews
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Showing 1-6 of 6 offers

A loft is a very handy kind of space, with practically no restrictions attached. Typically, these spaces are free of furniture, so you can bring your own and set it out as you please. As a rule, lofts have high ceilings which measure at least 4 metres. Many of these venues are located in industrial zones, on the premises of former factories and warehouses. This should mean that you are free to play loud music and dance.

A classic training session works best with an absence of tables, a loose configuration of chairs, and a flipchart. Training sessions often last for more than 3 hours, so you might want to make sure that beverages are available at the venue (in the form of a water cooler, or perhaps a kettle).