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Concert halls for event in Moscow


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(4 min.)
Moscow, Komsomolskaya
Современный конференц-зал
50 m2
60 guests
from  2 820,00 /hour
No reviews
(2 min.)
Moscow, Novokuznetskaya
Концертно-выставочный зал
200 m2
200 guests
from  7 500,00 /hour
No reviews
(15 min.)
Moscow, Shchukinskaya
Многофункциональное пространство для событий любого формата
200 m2
300 guests
from  12 000,00 /hour
No reviews
Moscow, Pushkinskaya
Банкетный комплекс
2100 m2
1500 guests
from  500 000,00 /hour
No reviews
(2 min.)
Moscow, Kurskaya
Мультиформатная площадка для концертов и вечеринок
800 m2
800 guests
from  12 000,00 /hour
No reviews
Showing 1-5 of 5 offers


Concert hall.

Pay attention to the capacity of the hall and whether there are places to sit, as well as whether these are fixed or mobile. Venues like these usually offer sound engineering services and equipment.